Hey, I am Erica,

the most loved kid in my family. (Just informing) Haha! I am the younger most sister to my eleven cousins, no wonder they love me the most. I am born and brought up in India, and since then I am living in this beautiful country. Soon, after my graduation, I started working as a marketer, it's been three years now, and I am still in the same profession. But now I do it for World through Erica, to reach more people like you.

A little More About Me

Other than watching Tom and Jerry and painting like I am a real professional artist, there is one more thing I have been doing since childhood. Traveling, yes, that's traveling, thanks to my explorer mom. At the age of thirteen when I went on a 22 days trip to South India, I realized that I could do it all my life. Traveling through the Indian beaches, waterfalls, monuments, and mountains, I always thanked my Mom for carrying me along every time. Today, she is quite busy with her food business, her first love, so I am all on my own. The day I completed my high school I became a bit disobedient, I had to; because India doesn’t really like the idea of traveling frequently and spending money unnecessarily. My disobedience took me to many more places making me more strong and independent.
Seven Wells Waterfall

The Problem I Noticed That People See While Traveling: Budget

Since the day I started working, I am traveling. Yes, my employers were all pissed with my frequent travels, but they tried supporting somehow (not really though :P). Little savings and then I would disappear. That’s how it was. I was happy in my ‘travel-work-travel’ life until the day I shared my travel experiences with one of my friends. When I was telling her more about my adventures, the first thing I heard was, "Erica, I wish I was as rich as you.” And it happened again. I listened to the same sentence twice, thrice, four times, 10 times and 100 times. What? Why? Why do people say that? Traveling has nothing to do with being rich. No, I am not rich. I just avoid the luxury life, save and travel on a strict budget. I just made travel my priority, and everything else started falling in place.

A Start to World through Erica

After hearing all the budget concerns people have while traveling, I thought of sharing my budget travel tips and stories that can inspire many removing those unwanted barriers for passionate travelers like you. I believe you don’t have to be rich to travel. Big dreams and a little budget would do. That’s what I want from all my travel buddies; to make their dreams big and start walking towards it with a tiny budget.
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World through Erica is my attempt to tell people how I see the world. I have been traveling on a small budget, and so I talk about my inexpensive trips and budget travel tips. You will get every possible tip you need in your life, and you can always get in touch with me to convey your thoughts about traveling and take my help to plan your budget trips. To start with, you can take a look at some budget travel tips and The ultimate guide on budget traveling when you have no money. Then visit my stories page to know more about how I travel. I am sure you can now plan your trip, and I would soon love to hear your budget travel story.
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