Welcome! Are You a Budget Traveler?

If yes, I am proud of you. If no, I love your passion for traveling that you are here, looking for ways to travel longer with less money. Of course, it’s not a rocket science to travel on a tiny budget, you require to set some priorities, make little adjustments and your tiny budget will make you travel the world. Hey, I am Erica Louise from India. If you are an Indian or if you know the travel culture of India, then I assume that you also know how tough travel is for a girl in my country. But I became disobedient, and my disobedience took me to many places. You can read more about me and how I started to travel more often. world through erica

How Did I Start Traveling on a Low Budget?

I AM A BUDGET TRAVELER. Like you, I didn’t leave for my first trip with no money, of course! My budget was high but doing this more regularly I became more passionate about traveling and started looking for ways to travel longer and more often. When I started traveling, I used to travel staying in 5-star hotels, eating at expensive restaurants and I did that for two long years until the day I planned my first international trip. While I was planning a trip to Udaipur, I suddenly realized the same amount I am about to spend on this domestic trip would take me to a nearby country. I quit looking for expensive hotels in Udaipur and started searching for homestays and hostels in Malaysia. And two months later I was in Malaysia for 12 days living the best times of my life. And then I came up with the ultimate budget travel guide to Malaysia for my traveler buddies. Also, if you are planning your first international trip, I have some important tips.

How Can You Travel on a Low Budget?

My trip to Malay was a game changer for my regular travels. No expensive food, no expensive stay, no expensive activities (until you are dying for it) and no costly shopping. When your expenses go down, you can travel longer. In your regular life, there must be a lot of expenses that you never even realized you made. Now what? The first step is to save money. Read thoroughly on my best ways on how to cut your expenses and save money for travel. And once you have enough money to book your flight tickets and have some basic amount of cash in hand, you are good to go. And here is the ultimate guide on Budget traveling when you have no money. These tips will help you to spend less if you wish to travel more. I meet so many people who work hard, quit lavish life and live only with the basics to travel. Once, while I was socializing on an online travel group, I got introduced to a man. He works as a taxi driver in Greece for ten months and travels for two months every year. And this is how he has traveled to more than 100 countries now. Hence, if you are passionate about traveling, make travel your priority, and everything will fall into place. In case you have anything to share with me, get in touch here. Feel free to read my budget travel stories and my budget travel guides. Happy Traveling!
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