The Ultimate List of 26 Best Things to Do in Paris in 2024
The Ultimate List of 26 Best Things to Do in Paris in 2023

Paris! A dream city for many.I have been dreaming of visiting Paris for years, and recently, the day finally came. It was May, and Paris was taking a shift from chilling weather to summer, one of the most fantastic times to visit Paris.Paris is known for its charming architecture and rich history. I spent a […]

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My 12 Hours in Southend-on-Sea
My 12 Hours in Southend-on-Sea cover

Have to ever been to the UK?  If yes, how many cities or towns you have been to other than just visiting the famous ones like London, Birmingham, Liverpool or Edinburgh? Well! The United Kingdom consists of 4 regions and those regions consist of nearly 69 cities and thousands of towns of which I am […]

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Exploring Agra on a Bicycle

Have you ever thought of exploring the city, Agra? I am sure; it does sound fun to you. If it doesn’t, what? Really? Haha! You are missing out on something big if you to travel to India and miss exploring the old streets of Agra. I am a budget traveler, and it was three months […]

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Pondicherry, a Little France in India

I never thought I would ever visit this small city in South India, Pondicherry.  There is a famous ritual in India, the Mundan ceremony. Mundan is shaving of the head of a child usually when he/she is one year old. My family and I went to the Velankanni shrine in Tamil Nadu to perform that […]

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Island Hopping Is Now My Favorite Game

Langkawi offers you a lot, a lot and a lot of experiences to take back home while you are exploring this pretty island. When I was in Langkawi, I had no idea of what should I do but still, I did a lot. I explained every bit of my experiences in the previous blog, Langkawi, […]

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Langkawi, the Eagle Island

Kedah is a state in northwest Malaysia, bordering Thailand. And Langkawi is an island within that state. Langkawi Island is called “The Jewel of Kedah” for the beauty it owns. I was in Langkawi this January after an extended Christmas and New Year week celebration. There is a lot about Langkawi that I want to […]

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How to Plan the Cheapest Goa Trip Ever?

A Trip to Goa: Yes, It Can Be Your Cheapest Trip Ever. Goa is the only place that lies in the heart of every Indian. When we think of GOA, the first thing comes to our mind is GIRLS IN BIKINI and BEER and SUNBATH. Well, goa has a lot more. Like you even I […]

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