Tips for Your First International Trip

My first international trip was to Malaysia. It was a ten-day long journey, five days in Kuala Lumpur and five days in Langkawi, the Eagle Island. I was pretty excited and all prepared. But was I really prepared? Well! There are few things which we should always take care of when we travel to a different country for the first time. And here I would like to discuss it with you:

VISA Requirements

Unlike USA and Australian passport holders, you need a VISA to travel to any country if you have an Indian passport. VISA rejections are quite possible. To avoid such situations do understand the VISA requirements well of the country you wish to travel.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must when you are traveling outside your country. There may be cases of flight delays, cancellations, lost baggage or theft and worst cases of medical emergencies and emergency evacuations. For all of these situations, travel insurance will act as a support.   

Forex Card

The prepaid forex travel card is an alternative to the local currency of a country. Don’t forget to get your travel prepaid card while you are traveling abroad because it’s beneficial than carrying cash. Prepaid travel cards have better exchange rates than cash, and of course, it is safer to carry. And in case of card theft or loss, you can get the card blocked and transfer the funds to the new replacement card.

Confirm Whether Your Debit or Credit Card Will Work Internationally

It’s essential to confirm whether your existing debit cards and credit cards will work internationally or not. In case of an emergency may be theft or running out of cash, you should have a backup.

Bookings of Crowded Places

I’d highly recommend you to buy the tickets of the places you would visit. Like, I purchased my Legoland Malaysia tickets in advance. And thank god, I did that; it saved me from that long queue and the huge crowd.
Legoland, Malaysia
Legoland, Malaysia

Local Guidebook and a Pocket Map

That’s what people used to do in the old days, but it still works. Always carry a local guide and a pocket map of the country you are traveling to.

Learn a Bit of Local Language

Well! This is not really important. But sometimes you may find people who speak the only regional language so before your journey starts, take lessons from the internet on the local language so that it makes communication more comfortable for you.

Physical Copies of Documents

Though we all have digital documents these days, never forget to keep a physical copy of it as well. Also, never forget to keep a copy of your passport.

Portable Charger

Keep your portable charger fully energized so that your phone doesn’t run out of battery at any time.

Avoid Extra Luggage

This is something I would want to highlight. When we travel to a different country, we can never resist shopping and so our luggage increases by many kgs crossing the maximum check-in baggage weight. And for every exceeded kg we have to pay a considerable amount. Like, I had to pay $65 for my extra luggage. Therefore, carry less weight and some extra space when you are traveling so that while coming back you don't have to face unwanted expenses.
Shopping has no end. Kuala Lumpur Central Market.

Don’t Get the Cash Converted at the Airport

If you feel that getting the cash converted at the airport of the country you are visiting is a better option, then you are wrong. The cash converters at the airport offer high exchange rate, so it’s better to get it done before you leave your country. You may find local agents or local shops who will provide you with the best exchange rates. Keeping cash on hand is again important because cards will not be accepted everywhere.

Get Your Local Sim

Get your new local sim as soon as you reach your destination. Your current sim won’t work in a different country so to be in touch with people at home you need to buy a local number.

Don’t Keep All Your Cash in One Place

Distribute your cash to different areas in your baggage. In case of theft or loss, you will not lose all of your money.   These were my learning from my first international trip, and all of the above points are essential to keep in mind. If you are traveling internationally for the first time, you should get all these things in place. Moreover, if you wish to share any of your  concerns you can get in touch with me at

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